Enable reporting of payment via In-Kind ,Vouchers or Cash Transfers

(IATI Technical Team) #21

Following the call to seek consensus on the humanitarian proposals that took place on 5th September 2017 two actions to progress this proposal were identified.

  1. To work with the DAC WP-STAT to have ‘cash’ (and any other related modalities) added to the DAC Aid Type codelist
  2. To continue to work with the Cash Learning Partnership to develop other codelists as / if required

As current thinking is that the reporting of cash etc. can most likely to be handled via the content of codelists, this proposal will continue to be progressed outside of the Standard Upgrade process as non-embedded codelists can be updated at any time.

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(Wendy Rogers) #24

As this topic is now being progressed outside of the v2.03 Standard Upgrade it has now been moved into the Non-embedded Codelist Amendment category.

Also adding here in my a summary of my last communications with the DAC in which they had indicated that they that had asked the DAC members to position themselves on the better way to track cash-based operations. There was a general opposition to introduce another marker, so two choices were proposed :

A cash flag : The project has (value 1) or has not (value 0) a cash component. (because capturing all the subtleties of different cash modalities would require a more elaborated marker, for which there is no appetite)
A keyword : project with a cash component would use the world “cash” in the project description, which allows us to make a research by keyword.

For unrelated reasons the overall proposal was not accepted during the last WP-STAT? As a result, my understanding is that the proposal, will now follow a written procedure : the revised proposal will be sent out and DAC members will have 3 weeks to send objections. If there is no objections, the proposal will be accepted and the new codes, new cash flag/keyword will be operational for the 2018 data set, available end 2019?

I was therefore also wondering if any of the members of the IATI community who are also involved with the WP-STAT are aware of any update on this? @OJ_ @Herman @theo.sande

(theo.sande) #25

Hi Wendy,
the idea has been discussed once as a loose idea. No further progress so far and the next WP STAT will be held only next year. Major issue is that the bilateral donors (DAC members) are only very rarely deciding on whether an activity has a cash component or not. These decisions are mostly taken by the implementing partners. Since many of them are either not reporting or only partially reporting to DAC, the quality of the data on this element will be extremely poor.
For these reasons, IATI might be a much more appropriate place to set a standard (provided we take full responsibility as the source of the element).