Extending organisation role: common usage?


(SJohns) #1

Hello, I’m looking for examples of common usage for the Extending organisation role. Does anyone use it in their data, or know of organisations that use it?

As a reminder, the IATI guidance states that an extending organisation is:

An organisation that manages the budget and direction of an activity on behalf of the funding organisation.

What I want to find out what does common usage look like? For example:

  1. Where the funding and extending organisation are part of the same organisation (ie govt departments are extending, the govt Treasury is the funding organisation or a local office of an NGO is disbursing funds on behalf of a central office).
  2. Where an organisation is contracted as a fund manager for another funding organisation and managing disbursements.

And how in practice are publishers differentiating from the Accountable role?

An organisation responsible for oversight of the activity and its outcomes

Hope people are happy to share their examples - posting a link to the activity on d-portal would be great.

(Please note that I’m looking for examples of where organisations are already using it in their data, rather than theoretical discussion - hope that’s ok!)

(shi) #2

Hey Sarah,

Looking at the Dashboard, USAID has a high number of activities with the @role element.


This example shows the publisher with an Extending role. However, it also states that USAID has an Accountable role.

Is this a valid example?