Final Proposal of 2.03 Content

Apologies for the delay in taking this forward. (The responsibility for this delay sits with me, not the Tech Team as a whole.) Herewith the final proposed content for the 2.03 Upgrade.

In the spirit of the proposed new approach (for which we seek approval in Rome this week) we are seeking consensus on this ‘English language’ summary before presenting a technical proposal by 13 October.

Please record any objections on this thread.

Subject to no further disruptions we envisage that the release candidate for this upgrade should be available at the beginning of January. We will publish a revised timetable in due course.

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Hi @bill_anderson, thanks for this document. It’s all very clear and a great summary of the proposals.

I’ve had a quick scan through, and I’ve noticed that this proposal is missing:

I understood that this one was going through after the consultation call. If this is still the case, can it be added to the list?

Many thanks,


I’ve reviewed, and can see the proposals I’ve been supporting in here and clearly set out.

For the description of ‘Add a sector or ‘tag’ classification’ - now that the extension draft has focussed on having a new ‘tag’ element (rather than modifying sector), it may be possible to rephrase this to clearly state that (but that might be getting into the tech detail that’s not needed at this stage)

@DanielMackenzie As per our email exchange, following the consultation calls in July and the update post on IATI Discuss ‘Progress as of 16 August’, a comment was added to this specific proposal on 18th of August requesting that we get more evidence first on how partner contributions should be incorporated in the standard at results level and holding off from including it in the current upgrade process. Hence, the proposal was excluded from the final proposal for 2.03 content.

As we prepare to migrate to 2.03, I am looking for the table that lists all changes involved in the 2.03 upgrade (similar to this for 2.02).

I think this is where I could find it:

Unfortunately the above Google doc is password-protected. Could the @IATI-techteam either provide access to the document or point me to the right place to find the tables for 2.03?

Thanks in advance.


Now accessible to all with the link.

Here is also the link to the 2.03 changelog.

Thanks Bill! Unfortunately it wasn’t in fact what I was looking for.

@IATI-techteam, the 2.03 changelog does not seem to have a schema table (in Excel) like the 2.02 did - at least I’m not finding it despite clicking around the whole changelog.

If there is indeed a table, could you point me to it (with the actual link)?

Hi @YohannaLoucheur,

Have you had a look at the document in this post Final Technical Proposal for the 2.03 Upgrade?

I think the 2.03 IATI Activity Standard (Full) and 2.03 IATI Organisation Standard (Full) tabs are what you’re looking for.

These tables were correct as of 2.03.

Thanks Amy, that is indeed what I was looking for.

I think it would be useful to provide a link to it in the 2.03 Changelog, as it is very useful when migrating between versions of the standard. Links are provided in the changelog to discussion threads on specific issues, but not to this schema presentation.

Hi @YohannaLoucheur,

Good suggestion, we’ll add this document to the 2.03 changelog:

Where you’ve spotted mistakes could you please send us the details to We’ll take a look first off at what kind of errors there are and how best to fix them.

Thank you.

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Hi @YohannaLoucheur,

You can now find the link on this page:

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