Help! Can't access GLIDE numbers

(Steven Flower) #1

I can’t seem to access anything via

The Humanitarian Scope Vocabulary codelists includes this option:

1-2 Glide

Domain details:

Anybody know anything?

Proposal: provenance information & contact processes should be added to vocabulary lists
(Andy Lulham) #2

Google cache suggests it was fine last Thursday (8 February 2018).

Wayback machine suggests it was fine on 29 December 2017.

(David Megginson) #3

Yikes! When the dust settles, this will be a good case study in the risks of distributed technology architectures. Any ID provider is potentially a SPoF for the whole IATI data network (or at least the humanitarian part of it, in this case).

One workaround might be for OCHA FTS to republish the GLIDE numbers that it’s using in a dataset on HDX or elsewhere. GLIDE would still be the normative source, but we wouldn’t be as vulnerable to outages.


(Steven Flower) #4

External codelists that change/fallover – where have we seen that before, I wonder…!

(Andy Lulham) #5

+1 for fault tolerance via redundancy.

I’ve emailed the contact address provided on the website to alert them to the problem, in case that’s useful.

(Steven Flower) #7

Have logged in GitHub, in case the URI for the codelist needs updating:

(David Megginson) #8

Just heard that it’s back up:

We can hang onto the current URL for now, but it would be good to have a talk about sustainability.


(Steven Flower) #9

OK great !

In terms of this - there appear to be 6,487 on the “list” - but can I get a the GLIDE numbers as a list anyhow?

It seems eight publishers are citing GLIDE numbers in their data, currently (via HumanitarianScopeVocabulary code 1-2):

(Andy Lulham) #10

Very hacky, but… Here’s a table. I can turn it into another format if that’s helpful.

(Bill Anderson) #11

Can the Humanitarian Data Centre host a mirror?

(David Megginson) #12

I will look into the governance and see what’s possible.

(Andy Lulham) #13

Does anyone have any insight into what went wrong here? I emailed Julio Serje (the named contact on the site) but didn’t hear back.

IATI already mirrors several third party codelists. Presumably that would also be an option here?

(Andy Lulham) #14

Same problem. has been down for 10 hours or so.

Any news on providing a mirror?

(Steven Flower) #15

I think it’s back now…

(Andy Lulham) #16

The site continues to be really flaky.

Here’s an uptime monitor, showing almost 6 days of downtime in total in the last month:

I’m not sure what needs to happen to resolve this, but just flagging it again here.

(Wendy Rogers) #17

Thanks for flagging @andylolz and just to let you and others know that there is work going on between interested parties to try and improve the situation. Hopefully an update will be available soon …

(Andy Lulham) #18

Thanks @Wendy. I’ve added this as a candidate for mirroring on datahub:

But if it’s likely the issue will be resolved in the near future, maybe it isn’t worth doing that work.

(David Megginson) #19

See New GLIDE number source available for a (possible) resolution of this issue.