Here's the draft agenda! Tell us what you think

Thank you to everyone who has contributed ideas on Discuss, there certainly has been some vibrant discussion. We want to make sure the agenda we present really meets the needs of the community so we’ve noted the suggestions that were made and now want to come back to you all to check we’ve got it right.

We’ve developed a draft agenda which you can see in a Google Doc. We are looking for your feedback on the following specific areas:

  • Are there any key topics missing from the agenda?
  • Would you be willing to volunteer to facilitate a specific session that you’re
    most interested in?
  • Which sessions could you contribute to in an active way (by speaking, co-ordinating, presenting some ideas etc)?
  • Would you like to give a lightening talk (max. 5 minutes) on something you’re working on that relates to one of the three agenda themes (Getting it right; Using the data; What next)?

Please let us know by commenting in the Google Doc or commenting on this thread by Friday 8 May.

I apologize for not commenting earlier on the upcoming IATI TAG ideas - I wonder if there should be a specific session about how to raise awareness within donor organisations, within partner country governments and within CSO communities about the existence of IATI data and of tools. The lack of awareness has been raised by several people here on the disucssion platform and is one of the key findings of the USAID study done in 2014. By the time the TAG is held, the USAID study on data needs would be public and I would be happy to share the findings of the study.
In addition I am also happy to facilitate the session U3 on Encouraging others to use the data.

Hello, please may I ask that the CSO User session (U2) and the Humanitarian Standard (W2) are in different timeslots to each other? At the moment they are parallel but I imagine that there will be similar audience for both? Also there may be a similar clash between G9 (eating your own dog food) and U9 (Using IATI for NGO reporting) which are parallel. Thanks for all your hard work so far!!!

Can I flag/question the “How to: Eating your own dog food”:

  • if it’s about using data then it seems to be in the wrong strand
  • Whilst “eating dog food” has been used around open data discussions for a while, I’d question it’s merit as a metaphor, within the context of the IATI TAG

Also is there a bit more detail behind each one? We’re trying to decide which ones to volunteer for at the moment, so it’d be good to know a bit more before we jump in.

I expect that there will be a close link – similarities in the substance – between W4 and W8. If I’m right, I would be happy to contribute to both sessions.

Hi Sarah,
The scheduling is totally open to change, depending on who ends up running each session so don’t worry about clashes at this stage.

Hi Claudia,
Thanks for your feedback and for volunteering to run U3. I think I thought that awareness raising would be a key part of this session so let’s work together on how we can incorporate these elements. And it will be great to hear more from the study as well.

Hi Steven,
I think this was suggested by Rolf as an idea for the TAG session. Perhaps you and he can have a bit more of a discussion about what this means in the context of IATI and how we can draw on cases where publishers are using their own IATI data internally to both use the data and drive up quality. Maybe you’d both like to volunteer to run the session?! :wink:

The idea is that people volunteer to help run a session and then we can work together on developing more detail in line with that person’s expertise and what has been suggested in previous forum posts!

I did a session on IATI with Roderick Besseling from CORDAID for German NGOs and Roderick talked a lot about this, very useful from my perspective - you may want to involve him (if he is there in person) or online or ahead of the TAG.

Sure, let me know how you want to do the preparation.

Hello, Bond will be representing our members at the TAG this year, and we currently have 170+ UK NGOs sharing data via IATI. Many of the sessions are of interest to our members and therefore we would be happy to contribute from the NGO perspective to the sessions. Our particular areas of interest (and where we have some experience or feedback to share) are: Results element, Humanitarian extension, publishing tools, improving the process for new publishers, improving data quality, geocoding, traceability, NGO reporting.