How do I report the following two cases regarding "recipient-country"?

(Therese Dahlfors) #1

The IATI documentation says that you have to report the country that benefits from the activity as the “recipient-country.” I have come to understand that when a report is being written in the Netherlands about the status of migrants in an African country, that country should be reported as “recipient-country.” However, I have two cases where it is a little less obvious who the recipient-country should be:

  1. Imagine an activity where migrants move from ODA-country A to non-ODA country B. Which country(ies) should be reported as “recipient-country”?

  2. Imagine an activity where Syrian refugees receive humanitarian aid in a refugee camp in Turkey. What country should be reported as “recipient-country”?

(Wendy Rogers) #2

Thanks for the question @TDahlfors and my suggestion would be that in both cases both countries should be reported via for the activity with a percentage split of 50/50 or whatever proportion is most appropriate?

However, it is always good to hear what approach other publishers might use?

(Yohanna Loucheur) #3

If geocoding this activity, the location would definitely be Turkey. Thus the recipient-country should also be Turkey. “Syrian refugees” would appear in the activity title, description, perhaps results etc, which would help find it if needed.

If this is reported by country B, it presumably becomes in-country refugee costs (note that this cannot be reported for all migrants, only refugees). The question seems rather about the nature of the funding/spending than the location.

(As a side note: these are questions that should be addressed by the DAC, not IATI. I don’t know that we have a mechanism to relay, or at least highlight, to the DAC the need for guidance in the community beyond CRS reporters.)

(Therese Dahlfors) #4

Thank you for your replies. @YohannaLoucheur both your answers make sense to me and I will keep this guidance in mind when reporting.

Indeed, I agree that it would be beneficial if the guidance on this became clearer for everyone in the IATI community and not just clear for CRS reporters ( = donors who report to DAC?), especially given that more humanitarian organizations are starting to report to IATI.