How to link donor activities to implementing partner activities

(Richard) #1

Hi folks. I’ve been looking at various discussions on how to link data between different publishers (e.g. Using related-activity to link data between different publishers) and I just wanted to check that my current understanding is correct. I understand that there is no intention for full accounting level trace-ability but we do want to be able to follow the money.

  1. We shouldn’t use related-activities to link donor to implementing org activities. Instead that link is made through transactions

  2. Ideally we should provide @provider-activity-id in the incoming transaction to match the donor activity but we might not always know that. It any case we should be matching amounts and dates

  3. related-activities and parent/child relationships should really be restricted to within our own organisation.

It’s basic stuff but there appear to be a few different ways to achieve the same aim so I would rather follow the same practices as others



(Yohanna Loucheur) #2

Hi Richard

That seems to make sense.

[quote=“RichPepp, post:1, topic:1448”]
Ideally we should provide @provider-activity-id in the incoming transaction to match the donor activity but we might not always know that. [/quote]

In most cases it should be rather simple to get the @provider-activity-id. If the activity ID/number not in the project documents (e.g. the contract/agreement), I’d suggest to ask the donor to provide it. Over time I would expect all donors to put their activity IDs very clearly on all their project documents - so, being asked for the IDs can help make the case for this good practice.

If the donor is not an IATI publisher, you can use to figure out their organization ID (which will be the first part of their activity ID).

(Mark Brough) #3

Hi @RichPepp – yes, your understanding sounds correct to me!

  • On incoming funds, use provider-org/@provider-activity-id (and provider-org/@ref, to state the provider’s organisation ID).
  • Don’t use related-activity to model relationships between organisations.

You might also find @andylolz’ organisation ID finder useful:

Also agree with @YohannaLoucheur that it would be great if all donors would start to put the project’s IATI ID clearly on their project documents.

(Richard) #4

Fantastic, thanks folks. It’s easy enough to parse donor files to find the matching provider-org and provider-activity-id. It will be great once donors start to put this on their documents. For us I think we will just incorporate our existing numbers into our activity IDs along with our org id

Thanks again all