How to participate in the 2.03 Upgrade consultation?

Updated - 25th October

The Final 2.03 Technical Proposal is now available.

All proposals are now closed for discussion. Comments on the final technical proposal can be made on the Discuss post above. The deadline for these comments is the 3rd November 2017.

In the next stage (which runs to the end of November) the Final Technical Proposals will be added to github by the IATI tech team.

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Results – recognising partner contributions (excluded 2.03)
Version 2.03 Decimal Upgrade - Index of Proposals
Results – represent more than quantitative data (included 2.03)
Non-statistical secondary sectors (excluded 2.03)
Add an OrganisationRole Code for “Responsible” organisation (excluded 2.03)
Results – add more indicator vocabularies (excluded 2.03)
Add budget-exempt attribute and codelist (included 2.03)
Add document-link to Results indicator (included 2.03)
Traceability - definitions of disbursement and expenditure (included 2.03)
Add related-transaction element (excluded 2.03)
TransactionType codes (included 2.03)
Language - recommend use of ISO 639-1 (included 2.03)
Guidance on U.r.i. Usage for publisher’s own vocabularies (included 2.03)
Adding links to related OCDS contracts (excluded 2.03)
Add indicator measure "other" to the codelist (excluded 2.03)
Results - vocabulary attribute option (included 2.03)
Traceability - general guidance
Redefine selected codelists as “Non-embedded” (included 2.03)
Modify definition of secondary publisher (included 2.03)
Add vocabularies to aid-type (included 2.03)
Migration of OrganisationRegistrationAgency codelist to (included 2.03)
Deprecate OrganisationRole code for “Accountable” (excluded 2.03)
Organisation type codes - additions (included 2.03)
Hierarchies - related-activity definition (included 2.03)
Hierarchies - general guidance
Double counting - general guidance
Results – allow disaggregations of results data (included 2.03)
Results – improve consistency of results standard (included 2.03)
Modifications to redefined non-embedded codelists (excluded 2.03)
CRS Channels of Delivery (included 2.03)
Exchange Rate Options (excluded 2.03)
Include option for cummulative results on activity level (excluded 2.03)
Publishing application (excluded 2.03)
Possibly change SDGs from sector to policy markers (excluded 2.03)
Document-link description (included 2.03)
Boundary values for percentages (included 2.03)