IATI and HXL: panel, mid-level presentation, and/or tech workshop

(David Megginson) #1

Most bottom-up humanitarian activity reports from the field (3Ws: Who, What, Where) arrive in spreadsheet format; many people who want to use IATI data and combine it with other humanitarian data also need to work with tabular formats.

The Humanitarian Exchange Language can serve as a bridge in both directions, making it easier to import spreadsheet-type data into the IATI ecosystem, and making it easier to pull IATI data back out for integration into the humanitarian field-data ecosystem.

Possible topics:

  • Topic in a policy-level humanitarian-data panel discussion (together with FTS and the Grand Bargain), focusing on bottom-up field reporting.

  • Mid-level presentation on existing humanitarian 3Ws, similarities and gaps related to IATI activity reports.

  • Evening tech hands-on workshop tagging real 3W spreadsheets and converting them to IATI.

Cheers, David