IATI Coverage ; timing and scope of next update?

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Hello @IATI-techteam , @bill_anderson

Is there a timescale for the next update of the Coverage statistics?

Additionally, since coverage data was last calculated, and the reference data collected, many more organisations will have published. It seems they get a default score, despite reference data being missing. Is there a plan to extend to all published organisations?

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Hi @IATI-techteam - any news on this?

I think coverage data (humanitarian spend for 2016 & 2017) is proposed to be collected for the Grand Bargain - it would be useful to know how this relates.

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Any news on this @IATI-techteam ?

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(Bill Anderson) #6

With the <total-expenditure> element now in place in the organisation standard we need (as planned) to establish a self-reporting mechanism to:

  • Produce guidance and communicate with publishers for them to self-report their organisations total expenditure. (This can then be used to compare against total disbursements and expnditure published to IATI.)
  • Agree on a mechanism to check the accuracy of the reported data.
  • Update the dashboard methodology

This is in our job queue but we don’t currently have an ETA. Will keep you posted.

(Steven Flower) #7

Using open data publish with the IATI standard sounds like a good step

For total-expenditure there seem to be 45 publishers currently using that

It would be useful to understand the scope that the current data enables. Of the 45, only a few publish this element multiple times, for example

I’m sure someone like @andylolz or @markbrough could take a look…

(Michelle Levesque) #8

Coverage came up at MA so having a way to measure it correctly and more timely is needed. If I’m understanding this correctly the use of the “total expenditure” element in the organizational file is what is proposed. I’d like to point out that for the GB dashboard that will only work if there is a breakdown of the total expenditure by humanitarian and non-humanitarian categories is possible. It would be misleading to measure humanitarian coverage for the GB dashboard against total expenditure for any organization whose total expenditure is a combination of humanitarian, development and other/administrative activity.

(Steven Flower) #9

Thanks @Michelle_IOM

I agree that the subset of total expenditure is what the GB dashboard uses. But - I would suggest that this has noting to do with IATI!

Of course, the GB dashboard uses IATI data and much of the methodology deployed in the IATI dashboard. However, I think it important to establish this is a independent operation.

I would be concerned that we start to enter into discussion around changes to the IATI standard (adding of total-humanitarian-spend, for example) to accommodate such use cases.

I appreciate that that doesn’t sound very helpful :slight_smile:

(I think the GB team at DI have asked for the humanitarian spend figures from GB signatories directly --> @Wendy)

@bill_anderson do you know when we would know more about this?

(Michelle Levesque) #10


I agree with your point about not trying to satisfy GB use case particularly as even the basic IATI dashboard hasn’t addressed coverage in a couple of years and cracking that nut is important. I would still point out that “total expenditure”, if not well defined or understood, could still be very misleading as a denominator in the coverage calculation. Total expenditure for an organization often includes expenditures never intended to be part of IATI publishing (administrative, normative) so without clarity or sub-elements, attributes (I don’t know the correct way to slice that) it may still lead to misleading results.

And just and FYI: the GB dashboard has not yet captured coverage at all. I have no idea if/when this will be addressed in the narrow context of the GB but we all score zero so it is a level playing field for the moment.

(Steven Flower) #11

Thanks @Michelle_IOM

The IATI documentation states:

The recommendation is that, where and when possible, the organisation’s total annual planned budget for each of the next three years is reported.

It’ll be interesting to see if there are any ranges around this definition, as you (rightly) anticipate. Once we’ve got some data in place, it could then be time to review.

A (hopefully interesting!) added bonus with the organisation standard, is that there is the ability to include a/multiple “line item” within any of the financial elements, including total-expenditure (known as expense-line). This might be what you’re thinking about / looking for, in terms of answering the question “what part of the total expenditure was on humanitarian?”…?

I can see that 15 publishers currently use expense-line in total-expenditure, so it’d be interesting if someone (or something) were to analyse this …

(Michelle Levesque) #12

IOM is one of those 15 publishers. We do include line-item info all of which ties to our audited financials. Our data doesn’t reference or even isolate humanitarian from development but it is something we could do if/when coverage statistics want to pull from the org file.

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@IATI-techteam, the link from this Dashboard total-expenditure element to the Standard page (presumably describing the element) returns a 404 error.

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@YohannaLoucheur: fixed here.