IATI data and responsible data production and use

(SJohns) #1

I want to start looking at IATI data and responsible data production and use. I talk to many organisations about the risks to themselves and their partners from publishing information using the IATI open data standard and I’m wondering if it is time we had some guidance on responsible data for organisations to follow when they are considering publishing to IATI.

I’d like to do something with the folks at the Responsible Data Forum and hopefully hitch up with the work they are doing with Hivos around Open Contracting: https://www.theengineroom.org/were-researching-the-responsible-data-challenges-of-open-contracting/ and https://responsibledata.io/

Anyone else interested in this? Let me know via this forum or to sjohns [at] bond [dot] org [dot] uk

(Yohanna Loucheur) #2

Just seeing this old post again.

@SJohns (or others), is anything being done in IATI community along the lines suggested above re responsible data, to your knowledge?

(Reid Porter) #3

Not yet, but it is something on my list of Things I Need to Know More and Do More About. Thanks for catching this post from SJ, I had missed it.