IATI data licensing (for unencumbered data use!)

(Amy Silcock) #21

Hi all, thank you for your contributions. We’ll review this thread in the coming week, as well as the responses from organisations we’ve contacted and the Registry supplier.

We’ll then confirm the list of licenses we’ll keep and how we’ll progress this work.

(Josh Stanley) #22

Hi all,

Derilinx have been working on the changes to the License field on the Registry. The following changes have been made:

  1. When a new publisher account is created, selecting a licence is mandatory.

  2. When an existing publisher amends their publisher details, and they have not previously selected a license, they must select a license before they are able to update.

  3. The following 4 options have been removed:

  • License not specified
  • Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)
  • Other (Non-Commercial)
  • Other (Not Open)

Derilinx are aiming to deploy these changes next week.

(Josh Stanley) #23

Hi all,

Please note that there has been a slight delay to the deployment, which is now due to take place today.

It is possible that the Registry will be down for a very short period (around 5 mins) while the site is rebuilt.

(Steven Flower) #24

Hi @JoshStanley thanks - just to check: did this go live?

@petyakangalova in terms of your steps proposed in February, where do you think we now are (nearly there, I think!) ?

(Petya Kangalova) #25

Hi @stevieflow. Changes did go live as notified by @JoshStanley 6 days ago.

In terms of the proposed steps, they have now all taken place and @JoshStanley is in the process of contacting all users directly via email this week.

(Steven Flower) #26

Fantastic news, thanks @petyakangalova, @Joshua_Powell for the diligence and delivery - and to all others putting time and effort into this

(Joshua Powell) #27

Thanks @stevieflow, I’ll happily take the credit for what @JoshStanley has delivered :wink:

(Steven Flower) #28

Too many Josh :slight_smile: