IATI rules, guidance, validator - standardise language

(Matt Geddes) #1

I would like to ask if there is support for simplifying/standardising the language that we are using across these various tools as it is getting incredibly difficult to know how the words were intended and therefore what to publish to meet each one, especially as the validator is going to start adjudicating on them:

My non-exhaustive list:

  • The SSOT has “rules”
  • The Github additional guidance has “should”, “can”, and “is used to”
  • The Guidance has “must”, “should”, “can”, “preferable”, “recommends”, “may” and “tips”
  • The new Validator has “error”, “warning”, “improvement” and “optimise”
  • DFID Guidance has “required”, “not required”, “please include”, “if available”, “should” and “must”
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