IATI Strategic Planning online consultation 4-28 Feb

(Annelise Parr) #1

Dear All

Hopefully you’ve seen through the Chair’s email and on Twitter that on behalf of the Governing Board, we have now launched three moderated online discussions as the first stage of developing IATI’s new Strategic Plan for 2019-22. The link to the consultations is here: https://www.globaldevhub.org/iati-sp-2019, and we sincerely thank @TimDavies @Sohir, and old friends Craig Fagan and Lidia Fromm for agreeing to moderate the discussions.

This is the first phase of consultation, and it’s wide open to all new thinking. These discussions will form the basis of a Strategic Directions Paper, which the Board will then review and refine in more depth directly with IATI members. Please do get involved and have your say at this stage, so that we can all contribute to IATI’s future.

A note from our technical colleagues follows as they iron out a couple of bugs in the platform:

This online platform now supports external discussions previously hosted by the UN Teamworks online community. If you had a UN Teamworks account, or participated in any past external online consultations hosted by the United Nations it is possible that you will have to re-activate your account.

In order to do this, please navigate to the “forgot password" page and provide your email address. You will then receive email instructions on how to re-activate your account.

*The link to reset your password can be found here: https://www.globaldevhub.org/user/password

If you continue to experience issues in accessing the platform please email info@globaldevhub.org and a site administrator will provide further support.

(Tim Davies) #2

It’s a bit lonely over on the GlobalDevHub forum right now, with no answers yet in the Strategic Directions for Development Cooperation Data and Standards thread. Can you help me fix that?

In essence, the questions might look long, but they are all about inviting experiences of data use, data quality and potential future horizons for data standards.

I know that Discuss here is full of insights on those topics, so would be great to get some thoughts to kick off those discussions. Looking at the discuss ‘enthusiasts’ and frequent posters: @markbrough @David_Megginson @siemvaessen @Herman @andylolz @YohannaLoucheur @matmaxgeds & co.

We also don’t have to start the IATI Strategic Planning Consultation converastions from scratch. If you wanted to post (with a line of expanation) links over there to threads over here on discuss that already address the strategy questions, and that the write-up should take into account, that would be welcome too.

(Annelise Parr) #3

Hello all - just a reminder that the strategic planning consultation is ongoing through to the end of the month - up to Thursday 28 February. @TimDavies is no longer alone but could do with some more company in GlobalDevHub. Please don’t pass up your chance to influence IATI’s future direction, and comment in one of the three discussions on vision and mission, partnerships and data. The link is here: https://www.globaldevhub.org/iati-sp-2019