IATI TAG meeting in 2016?

(Kasper Brandt) #1

Hi all,

I think I can be brief about this; are there any plans for an IATI TAG meeting in 2016 yet? Or maybe a timeframe / location where it’ll approximately be?

Thanks :)!

Kind regards,

(Siem Vaessen) #2

Hi Kasper,

My bet is on Bangladesh. Hopefully outside of the rainy season!


(Joni Hillman) #3

Hi Kaspar,

Yes, there are plans for a 2016 TAG meeting! We’re just in discussions with a funder about supporting this meeting, and also scoping out location options. I think we’re looking at September / October time.

We’ll be in touch with everyone as soon as we have these things nailed down, asking for suggestions for sessions etc, so watch this space!

Best wishes,


(Yohanna Loucheur) #4

Great news!
If the window is Sept-Oct, let’s keep in mind the IODC in Spain the first week of October.

(PS in case anyone wonders, I’m almost 100% certain the TAG won’t be in Canada this time! Not that we wouldn’t love welcoming everyone again!)

(Kasper Brandt) #5

Thanks for the swift replies. A TAG meeting in combination with IODC sounds nice as well…


(Laia) #6

Agreed that it would be great to combine the TAG meeting with IODC if possible!