IATI TAG Newsletter

Hi everyone

I wanted to get some feedback from you on the IATI TAG Newsletter that we send out to the mailing list every 2 weeks.

What else would you like to see us cover in the Newsletter? Are there topics you would like to see more of? How could we use the Newsletter to keep everyone informed on what is happening in the whole community?

Please share your ideas here…



“Now trending on IATI Discuss” ?

Would require more than a little digging but something like:

  • “IATI in the News,” or better yet, “cool story about how IATI data was used out in the world”?
  • Blog series from various contributors from the community?
  • Upcoming “Mini-TAGs” around the world and their POCs?
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Job section perhaps?

  • 1 for more on blogs from me.

In particular, it could also be useful to see more about what other data standards are doing / how they’re approaching issues.