Iatisplit - split very large IATI activity files

I’ve just released v0.2 of iatisplit, a public-domain command-line utility for splitting very large IATI activity reports into smaller ones. This utility can process a very large IATI file in a few seconds, with constant memory usage (so it’s quite reasonable to try it with a 100+MB IATI file, though I haven’t found one yet).

To install, you need Python3 on your system. You can either install from the source on GitHub, or use

$ pip install iatisplit

from the command line. After that, usage looks like this (to split into files with a maximum of 200 activities each):

$ iatisplit -n 200 -d my-output-directory/ big-iati-file.xml

(You can also provide a URL.)

Now there is no excuse for any system to have a size limit for importing IATI data. :wink: