[Implemented as bug fix] ActivityStatus codes - mixup of descriptions for codes 3 & 4?

(Yohanna Loucheur) #61

We already had ‘finalization’ and ‘closed’ proposed to replace “completion” and “post-completion”. I would prefer that option to avoid entirely the use of "post’ - I’m concerned it could create confusion (given there was already a ‘post’-something).

Also, for the record I want to flag that Michelle’s latest response incorrectly describes 'post-completion". Post-completion is the final stage, when everything is done, NOT the penultimate stage when some admin/M&E remains to be done.

(Michelle Levesque) #62

My post was not indicating what “completion” means but rather how it can be so easily confused as completion by normal (non-iati) definitions is that something is complete with nothing more to do. For IATI it only refers to the physical activity being complete but we all know there is “stuff” to do afterwards hence the use of 'post-completion".

The fact that this discussion string is as long as it is,to me, indicates that words and definitions are clear. As a native English speaker, I figure is I can’t figure it out then there are others who will struggle even further.

Whatever words are chosen I suggest we change them soon and expand the definitions well enough to ensure clarity.

(Andy Lulham) #63

Hi @Michelle_IOM,

Both the proposal I made here in April, and the one @bill_anderson made earlier this month remove the word “completion”, so should help avoid the confusion you’re talking about.

Just to restate my proposal (which is slightly different to Bill’s) the codelist would become:

Activity Status Codelist (updated)

Code Name (en) Name (fr) Description (en)
1 Pipeline/identification Planification The activity is being scoped or planned
2 Implementation Actif The activity is currently being implemented
3 Completion Finalisation Finalisation Physical activity is complete or the final disbursement has been made, but the activity remains open pending financial sign off or M&E.
4 Post-completion Closed Fermé Physical activity is complete or the final disbursement has been made , but the activity remains open pending financial sign off or M&E.
5 Cancelled Annulé The activity has been cancelled
6 Suspended Suspendu The activity has been temporarily suspended

I’ve attempted to highlight the changes above, but just to state explicitly, there are two parts to this change:

  • switching the descriptions for codes 3 and 4 (this is necessary)
  • renaming codes 3 and 4 in an attempt to make them a bit clearer, and avoid potentially ambiguous use of “completion” (this is not strictly necessary, but is a nice-to-have that appears to have near-universal support)

A couple of supporting points to mention:

  • The English name change is just for clarity, and doesn’t change the meaning.
  • There are no changes to the French names here. Ever since they were added in Oct 2013, they’ve always been Planification, Actif, Finalisation, Fermé, Annulé et Suspendu (in that order). So the renaming here would bring the English names in line with the French.
  • In v1.0x, there were no codelist descriptions. These were first added at v2.01, and that’s where this confusion started. That’s the key reason we think it makes more sense to fix the descriptions. This thread starts with @stevieflow flagging the bug back in July 2015, and proposing that the descriptions should be switched.

After @bill_anderson’s message prior to the TAG, I thought we’d resolved this issue. However, I see now that perhaps the details were still up in the air. I agree with @Michelle_IOM that it would be great to get this resolved soon.

(Mark Brough) #64

+1 to @andylolz’ summary and proposal. Basically just switching the descriptions and taking the opportunity to clarify the names.

(IATI Technical Team) #65

Thanks everyone for the clarifications and suggestion.

We will proceed with making the below changes to the activity status codelist as a bug fix and will implement by Tuesday 4th of December.

We will also update this post once changes are live on the website.

(IATI Technical Team) #66

The changes have now been implemented and are live on the IATI website.

(Steven Flower) #67

Great to see! Thanks all

It’s a shame that we have no changelog notice alongside this, however (see transactionType for an example). I understand this documentation routine was removed during the upgrade to 2.03 ?

Given there is a change in this codelist, it would seem very useful to include a notice for people to understand when this took place, and the underlying discussion that informed it.

(Andy Lulham) #68

Agreed! :clap:

Absolutely right. I’ve created a ticket for this, and have sent the requisite pull requests ([v2.01] [v2.02] [v2.03]).

(IATI Technical Team) #69

The changelog can now be seen here: http://reference.iatistandard.org/203/codelists/ActivityStatus/.

Thanks @andylolz