Include option for cummulative results on activity level (excluded 2.03)

Aggregation status: include option for cummulative results


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Currently, there is (to my knowledge) no option to indicate whether an indicator is a stock or a flow. We report several cummulative indicators (results are reported cummulative over time for one activity), however we learned that this may cause problems in the aggregation over time (since the results are reported on annual basis and a project can last several years).

The issue could be solved in 2 ways: either by adding another option to the indicator measure (1) or by including options in the aggregation status (2).

(1) Indicator measure ‘unit’ is very general. We suggest to distinguish if the result/unit is reported cummulative over time (cummulative result from baseline until the reported result period for that activity) or not (only the result/progress in that result period)

(2) Alternatively, the aggregation status could be more specific to indicate on which dimension can be aggregated, e.g. over time (=result period) or activities.

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This topic has not been included at this time as it was not part of discussions at the TAG. We welcome arguments for its inclusion from other members of the IATI results community.

If you feel that this should still be included in the current upgrade, please do respond here