Indicator Forward Looking Methodology

(Carl Elmstam) #1

Hi everyone,
I was looking at the budgets - and I don’t understand if the dashboard takes into account that there should be no budget for year 2 and 3 if the activity ends next year? Do we need to publish “0” in those cases in order to get full score?

Also - activities often remain open or on-going for several months while waiting for reporting and possible repayments.


(Bill Anderson) #2

Hi Carl

The dashboard only looks at activities that it thinks are still current in Year 2 and 3. So an activity with an end date in Year 1 is not considered for Year 2.

Re: activities remaining open. Our recommendation is that the end date reflects the end of activity and the status of “Post Completion” indicates that paperwork, M&E, etc is still being finalised.