Information About The Humanitarian Working Group


The IATI Humanitarian Working Group is a sub-group under the IATI Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for discussion and collaborative action around the management of humanitarian related information published using the IATI standard. The Humanitarian Working Group seeks to develop common solutions on questions related to data management, collection, and sharing for the broader international development and humanitarian IATI data user communities.

Purpose and scope.

The purpose of the group is to define enhancements to the IATI Standard that:enable the identification of humanitarian related information within published IATI XML filesextend the usefulness of IATI XML files to data users of humanitarian data and other interested partiesAlignment with IATI TAG. The group should be able to directly contribute to two of the three current pillars of the TAG: improving the standard and using the data.


The group should deliver.
a) candidate changes or enhancements to the ‘next’ or ‘later’ version(s) of the IATI Standard
b) proposals for data use to data users who need access to humanitarian related information
c) open tools to make use of IATI humanitarian aid related information
d) knowledge coming back to the TAG on use and management of humanitarian related information in other contexts


The Humanitarian Working Group will operate until the members of the group
decide that there is no longer a requirement for the group to exist


Openness! The group should be open to any TAG member to participate and contribute.
The focus of any tools should be on open source.
We welcome knowledge and expertise in the areas of the delivery of Humanitarian Aid,
technology, or data management. Members will bring into their own experiences, tools, best/better practices, lessons learned to help provide solutions to the challenges.


The purpose of Humanitarian WG meetings is to share information on an informal basis, to exchange experiences and knowledge, to explore opportunities for closer coordination and collaboration, to advocate for increased awareness of and action around key issues, and to determine solutions for common issues and concerns. Meetings will be held on a quarterly basis (or more, as needed) via conference call/webinar. Topics for discussion will be managed via an agenda for each meeting.


The IATI Humanitarian Working Group will be led by IATI Technical Advisory Group.

  • Wendy Rogers: IATI Technical Support Team

Hello Wendy,

We are looking for more in-depth information about the proposed changes to the IATI standard related to Humanitarian aktivities. DI wishes us to comment on some of the proposals but we don’t have enough information to go by. Are you able to help me here?