Introduce a New Transaction Type For Internally Sourced Funds

Raised from Zendesk ticket #1047. Currently, it is not necessary for organisations to report or include funding that comes from their own fundraising ( or similar internal) sources. Therefore should such funding be reported on (and do we perhaps need a new transaction type called locally raised funds, or something)

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This issue was originally added and discussed on the previous version IATI Standard Upgrade forum. However that forum has now itself moved to the IATI Discuss platform so this topic has been created in order that discussions can continue here.

Hello, at Bond we encourage organisations to report on all funding going into a particular activity, not just the donor funds. The reason being that some donors ask organisations to raise a matching amount from their own resources (often via public fundraising) - DFID’s Aid Match is one example of this. In this scenario, we ask organisations to use an additional incoming funds transaction, (both the provider and receiver organisation are the same organisation), to indicate the transfer of funds internally from fundraising to the activity. Additional information can be given in the narrative sub-element for the transaction to indicate it comes from internal resources.

This seems to work quite well, but obviously it’s a work around. I’d be interested to hear from others about whether it would be a good idea to have a new transaction type to cover it? What additional benefits would it provide to data users?

Thanks, Sarah

Wouldn’t it be enough the have an incoming fund transaction with as provider-org a reference to your own organization?

This is exactly what IOM has been doing. I just assumed we were supposed to.

So no need for an additional transaction type I suppose?