Invitation: IATI Standard guidance review webinar 3

Following the success of last year’s guidance consultations, the IATI technical team is inviting the IATI Community to join the third guidance webinar on 1st April. We’ll be reviewing the newly improved IATI results and conditions guidance and discussing what ‘recommendations’ should be included. You don’t need to have participated in the previous webinars to contribute. The deadline to sign-up is Friday 13th of March.

What will the webinar cover?

The IATI technical team has rewritten and added additional content to existing IATI Standard guidance currently published on the Activity and Organisation overview pages on This webinar will look specifically at the result and conditions elements. We want you to review the content of the new pages and provide feedback:

  • Review pieces of additional guidance

  • Highlight and suggest areas of the guidance which could be better explained

  • Identify gaps

  • Provide use cases for IATI data where relevant

If you are interested in helping us, please send an e-mail to indicating if you would like to join the webinar and / or the review process. We will share the guidance to be reviewed and commented on with participants before the webinars.

Why rewrite IATI Standard guidance?

The IATI technical team is undertaking this process as part of our ongoing project to consolidate and improve the guidance documentation and make it available on the IATI Standard website, which was launched in 2018.

We hope to:

  • Ensure the overview guidance pages are written in a user-friendly language to help data publishers and users better understand the IATI Standard

  • Add additional guidance for publishers to help improve the consistency of data published to IATI

Do note:

We have split the overview guidance pages into various groups. Further guidance pages will be reviewed throughout the year.

Webinar dates

  • Webinar 3 Wednesday 1 April 3.30pm - 4.30pm UK time. This webinar will cover three pages of guidance covering results and conditions.

  • Upcoming webinar 4 (tbc). This webinar will cover three pages of guidance, covering identifiers, converting currencies and extending the standard (namespaces). More details coming soon.

Cannot attend?

If you are keen to review the updated guidance but cannot attend the webinar, you can still add your voice by providing written feedback. The webinar will be recorded and can be sent to you to listen. Please let us know.

Sign-up by Friday 13th of March

To sign-up please e-mail letting us know you are interested in being part of the process and state if you can attend. We encourage you to share this invitation with relevant people in your networks.

Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you on this important piece of work!

Thanks for continuing to drive forward the need for more precise and thorough guidance material @IATI-techteam

Can I also highlight how this is related to the thread around how we best version control and safeguard such materials.

I am also keen to understand the status of the previous materials, and how these will be openly version controlled. Right now, it seems these documents are in PDF format, with no clear process outlined for querying their validity. For example, on document-link categories, the PDF guidance currently says:

This must be included at least and only once for
each document-link.

(my emphasis ^)

This seems to be in contradiction to the IATI schema, which says:

This element must occur at least once (within each parent element).

I would suggest as part of this consultative process it is made clear how we can share such observations, synch up the materials, and ensure collective and open version control.


+1 to this point. Back in September, I raised a github ticket for the bug given as an example in Steven’s post, but I’m unsure what the process is for addressing it: