Is there any guidance on completing an organisation file?

Is there any guidance on completing the organisation file? Apart from the standard reference.

@andylolz do PWYF have any handy guidelines on what you’re looking for from the org file for the ATI.

Asking for some friends.

Hi @JohnAdams – many thanks for raising this, and apologies for the very delayed response!

As for much of the IATI publication process, improved guidance for organisation file publication would be really welcome. As a side note, I was very interested in your third proposal in the future infrastructure doc, and speculated about the possibility of alternative guidance to support a simplified, modular standard. I wonder if that could help inform an integer upgrade.

Anyway – I digress!

As far as the Publish What You Fund Aid Transparency Index is concerned, a complete organisation file should include:

  • A total organisation budget (total-budget) for the three years forward

It should also include links to the following documents:

  • Organisation strategy document (B02)
  • Annual report document (B01)
  • Allocation policy document (B04)
  • Audit document (B06)
  • Procurement policy document (B05)

And finally, for each recipient country that the donor works with, we look for:

  • A link to a country strategy document (B03) and/or country-level Memorandum of Understanding document (B13)
  • A country budget (recipient-country-budget) for three years forward

There’s more detail about this in the 2018 Aid Transparency Index technical paper.