Lets promote the use of data - CSO "Action group" launched

Dear all, after all the discussions around use of data, or rather the lack of data use at the IATI TAG in Ottawa Mai 2015, some CSOs want to work on this. This idea is also a follow up of the CSO meeting ahead of the TAG. We will have a first Skype call on the 8th of July. The time is not entirely set - either at 14 hrs CET or at 16 hrs CET. I will update you as soon as possible on the date.
I realize that there is no working group on data use. My sense is that this is something that is really needed now. I suggest that we discuss this on the Skype call as well.
A last issue to address urgently: we do not have a list of examples of data use (as far as I know). For outreach, awareness raising, advocacy, etc. such a list is really important. The easiest way would be to just start with a google doc and collect examples. To get us going, I have started a google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MA3Mqu5yPlD_AGAorEJ7apQ5xjpNV1JIHT5s0Acb36k/edit
PLEASE add examples, that you are familiar with and share the doc with others who may be able to add examples!