List of available IATI data use tools and services

(IATI Technical Team) #1

As part of the new IATI website project, we would like to provide users with a single place where they can access a list of available IATI data use tools and services. If you have developed a tool that uses IATI data, we would like to hear from you!

Please fill out this Google Form to provide us with the required information. We will then add the details of your tool or service to the new IATI website.

We have already done a similar exercise for available IATI publishing tools. If you are aware of any other IATI publishing tools, please drop us an e-mail at

This list will also inform the work done by the Data Use Task Force under Theme 3: User-friendly IATI tools.

(Yohanna Loucheur) #2

Just to clarify: this should be tools that can use IATI data from any publisher, correct? Not the tools built by/for specific publishers’ data (e.g. DFID’s DevTracker, GAC’s Project Browser, SIDA’s OpenAid site)?

(Amy Silcock) #3

This is for ‘any’ IATI data use tool. In the form you’re asked to specify whether your tool looks at all IATI data, or just a subset e.g. from a particular donor.

(Steven Flower) #4

Please can we consider our IATI community memory here. To my knowledge (and @TimDavies reminded me), there have been at least two previous attempts to do this:

Related tangent, but I noted the Data Use Fund asks for:

plan, present and implement an innovative and effective small-scale activity that addresses the key challenge: “Develop a set of data use guides/cookbooks based on current tools and addressing specific personas.”

So - yes, a updated list of tools might be useful, but I want to be sure that we build on what has been before.

(Andy Lulham) #5

The “tools” section of the (now archived) wiki is a third:

Given this has been attempted a number of times, I wonder if it’s worth asking why previous attempts went stale / were abandoned (a sort of reverse Chesterton’s fence). I’m afraid I don’t know the answer, but I imagine someone on this forum who contributed to those projects might.

(Marten Schoonman) #6

See also a list here: “How to publish”.

(Amy Silcock) #7

We’re often asked about what data use tools are available. There is a need to have a (somewhat) up to date list. Much like the ‘Select a publishing tool or service’ list.

The plan is to manage the list in a similar way to the publishing tools and have it embedded within the Data Use section on the new IATI website.

It will be up to tool providers to tell us about their tool, and to keep the details up to date. We will then periodically check that the tools are still operating and the detail is correct.