Mapping IATI activities in Uganda

(Alexander Bongers) #1

Dear all,

On behalf of Caritas Denmark, we, as EyeOpenerWorks, are currently conducting a research on IATI activities in Uganda (It’s the research that was mentioned in a topic by Maj Forum below).

Part of the research consists of mappig all the current activities on capacity-building of local organizations regarding IATI in Uganda. The research itself serves the purpose of (possibly) designing a capacity-building facility for local CSOs on how to publish and navigate IATI data.

As such, we would hereby like to find out if there are IATI activities taking place that are not yet on our radar! So i would warmly like to invite everybody who knows of such activities.


(Matt Geddes) #2

Hi @AlexanderBongers

In case it is helpful, I work in Uganda a lot at the moment (am also in Kampala next week if you are around) and have been using IATI data to map out health sector interventions and refugee response, and am currently using IATI data to feed into the review of the Uganda Partnership Framework.

I would be very interested to hear about any IATI related activities you know about, and also let me know if there is anything you think I could help with - for example I have a mapping of health sector flows that you could contrast with the data that IATI returns to get an idea of where it stands.


(Lea Zoric) #3

@ariag this is interesting, given the previous activities of Oxfam. Maybe you could exchange on this?

@AlexanderBongers IATI just funded some work of Oxfam through the IATI data use fund that related to training and supporting NGOs on IATI data use. We will publish something on the website (data use fund) shortly.

(Alexander Bongers) #4

Hi @matmaxgeds,

Thank you very much for your message. It would be great to meet you. Would it be possible to meet for example next monday in Kampala? We are curious to hear about your activities. Please let me know at


(Alexander Bongers) #5

Hi @LeaZoric,

Thanks for mentioning! We are very much interested to find out what it really was about and how that worked out.

@ariag Curious to hear about your experiences!

(Aria Grabowski) #6

In Coordination with our Oxfam Uganda office I ran multiple trainings for about 30 people in various arms of civil society to learn how to use IATI data in monitoring, accountability, and awareness raising around services provided by external funds. Then we used the data use fund to put that training into practice with the hope that when organizations actually got to use IATI data it would raise awareness within their organizations and partners/colleagues about how useful the data can be resulting in more use. We did not nor are we engaging on any publishing activities.

(Matt Geddes) #7

Hi @ariag - are you able to share these materials? I am currently working with the Debt and Aid Coordination office in the Ministry of Finance in Kampala and I think they would really appreciate seeing them too.

(Alexander Bongers) #8

Hi Aria, that is interesting to hear. I already heard some things about those trainings, for example this morning I had an interview with representatives of SEATINI who had attended it and they were very positive.

So, if I may ask, could you share a little bit of insights on the practical side of the trainings? How long would they take? Do you have any best practices / lessons learned / tips regarding the training? And also, is there a deliberate reason why you did not focus on publishing?

Thank you!


(Aria Grabowski) #9

Is there a way we can move this conversation to email?

(Alexander Bongers) #10

Yes, of course. My e-mail is Thank you!