Modifications to redefined non-embedded codelists (excluded 2.03)

This proposal is part of the 2.03 upgrade process, please comment by replying below.

Activity and Organisation

**Schema Object** None

**Type of Change** None

**Issue** A number of proposals have been logged to modify codelists that will now become non-embedded. These changes can now be made through the [non-embedded consultation process]( and can be removed from the upgrade agenda.

**Proposal** Move the following proposals out of the upgrade process.

  • [Document Category](
  • [Activity Scope](
  • [User-defined Vocabularies](
  • [BudgetIdentifierVocabulary](
**Standards Day** No information available

**Links** [](

This topic is for information only as the relevant codelists have been redefined as “Non-embedded”. This means changes to the lists do not have to be carried out via upgrades.

Link to the relevant post about redefining these lists “Non-embedded”: Redefine selected codelists as “Non-embedded” (included 2.03)

There will be some consultation calls in early July for any 2.03 proposals where people would like to discuss them further - if you would like to discuss this proposal on one of the calls please ‘Like’ this IATI tech team post by end of Mon 26 June - you can do this by clicking the heart symbol to the bottom right hand side of this message.

Further details on the calls are available in the ‘How to participate’ topic.