New application to create, read and modify IATI files

I’d like to introduce a new Windows application called Logframer, which allows you to design projects/programmes as well as various tools to manage them (monitoring tool, risk management, identification of beneficiaries). Once your project is finished you can create an IATI activity file simply at the push of a button.
This means that the creation of IATI files is integrated in the project design & management cycle, so you don’t have to gather and copy information from various documents separately. You can also create IATI organisation files using Logframer. Both types of files pass the Validator test.
Logframer has an English, French, Dutch or German interface (with a Spanish version underway) so this means it’s easier for non-English speakers to produce IATI files since amongst other things all code lists have been translated.

Logframer is open source, free and no-strings-attached software. You can find more information (including screenshots) and download the software on this site:
Information about how to create IATI activity and organisation files can be found in the Help section

Any feed-back, comments, remarks, suggestions… would be most welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bart, our Humanitarian Team already uses LogFramer, interested to see IATI compatibility. Will keep you posted.


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Hi Bart,

The website says it is open source (‘under a GPL license’) - can you share a link to the code?