New datastore wishlist

(Matt Geddes) #1


There are a bunch of things that I am looking forward to in the new datastore that are probably out of the scope of the ToRso with @siemvaessen’s permission, I wanted to start a wishlist so that we can all vote on which to prioritise.

My list includes:

  1. Compressed XML data dump - following @andylolz here as I think this is so useful it should be a core IATI product.
  2. Ability to query all aspects of the IATI standard e.g. sometimes I want to return any activities reporting by COFOG
  3. Able to return the raw XML for any activities meeting the search.
  4. Able to query the file metadata
  5. Able to query the organisation files (as prep for the changes hinted at in the ‘enriching the organisation file’ TAG presentation
  6. Ability to filter by various markers (esp. humanitarian) from @David_Megginson

If people add other ideas, I think I can add them to the poll - or perhaps there is a better way to organise this?

  • Compressed XML dump
  • Query all vocabularies
  • Return XML
  • Query metadata
  • Query Org files

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(David Megginson) #2

The ability to filter by various markers would be important to me—humanitarian above all (which is tricky, because it can appear at either the activity or transaction level), but I’m sure the Grand Bargain and SDG people would have a list of others.

(Siem Vaessen) #3

owh btw, @matmaxgeds you never needed my permission in the first place!!