New download publisher function on Registry

(IATI Technical Team) #1

Hi all,

The Tech Team is pleased to announce that we have implemented a ’Download List’ function on the Publisher List page on the Registry.

The function allows users to instantly download the latest list of active publishers in CSV, XLS, XML or JSON formats.

NOTE: If you are using the IATI Decipher extension on Chrome or Firefox, the download button may not work correctly until your extension has been automatically updated to the latest version. See the GitHub issue for details.

(Matt Geddes) #2

Cool - is there a way to get the same list from the new Datastore? I think there was going to be a flag to have it only return active publishers, but can’t remember what it was?

(Josh Stanley) #3

Hi Matt,

I think this query should give you what you’re after:

Note that the actual count of publishers may not sync exactly with the Registry while we are in the DS testing phase.


(IATI Technical Team) #4

Hi Matt,

The following is in fact the query that you want to use to get the same list as the Registry. The previous one that I suggested looks at organisations that are published in the reporting-org field and therefore won’t necessarily match with the list of actual publishers.


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(Matt Geddes) #5

Superhelpful - thanks Josh

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