Non-statistical secondary sectors (excluded 2.03)


(IATI Technical Team) #23

Notes from consultation calls w/c 3rd July

Summary of discussion during the consultation call and proposed modifications for this proposal have been added by Bill Anderson above on 3rd of July. We welcome comments on the modified proposal and suggestion for name of the element.

(Ravi Gupta) #24

Good quality discussion on important issues.Love to read the advice from expertise support

(Rory Scott) #25

I agree with this modified proposal, and am assuming from Bill’s comment and the subsequent outcome comment from @IATI-techteam that it will be taken to the members’ assembly as part of the version 2.03 upgrade process.

As for the name, I’m yet to have any flashes of inspiration, and I’m not actually sure that tag is that bad a name.

(Rory Scott) #26

We’ve made an extension for the new tag element. See here.

Sectors: How we broke the standard (and fixed it in d-Portal)
(IATI Technical Team) #27