OECD DAC codelist - updated in January 10th

I noticed that the OECD DAC codelist spreadsheet has a notice to say it was updated on January 10th

Aside from some color coded cells, I can’t see a changelog or similar. Does anybody know what the changes are, and whether these then impact in IATI lists?

Thanks for raising @stevieflow and we were also aware that the OECD DAC codelist spreadsheet had been updated. However, as you mention, without a changelog in place it is difficult to tell what specifically has been updated and therefore which of the related IATI codelists may also need updating? As a result we do have an entry on our ‘to do’ list to do a full cross-referencing audit of all of the relevant IATI codelists to their source DAC codelist. Hopefully (and depending on other current support priorities) we intend to get this done as soon as we can.

Just checked - the spreadsheet now seems to have updated again (Feb 2017): http://www.oecd.org/dac/stats/dacandcrscodelists.htm

It was useful to hear at the TAG Standards Day that the WP-STAT have committed to a machine readable, version controlled, publication of this lists (I think - please correct me if I am wrong @YohannaLoucheur @OJ_ )

In February @stevieflow @Wendy:

  • The file was updated to include mobilisation codes (a new sheet in the file).
  • The title for purpose-code 15180 was revised.
  • And some of the previous guidance reg. ‘changes to come in 2017 reg. 2016 flows’ has been removed - since we now are in 2017.

And yes @bill_anderson, we can expect to see codelists in machine-readable format, whereas it still is subject to inquiries whether the OECD platform allows live webservices.

Regarding version control, and what I wish for reg. historical dimensions, I would hope to see a combined effort of the positive forces of both the DAC and IATI secretariat to arrive at a truly shared standard for master- and metadata management.

I stand prepared to do whatever anyone would ask me to do, to facilitate that cooperation.

Many thanks for the clarification @OJ_

I’d be interested to know how/where this links to IATI. @Herman ?

Codes changing / being removed further support the need for machine readable, version controlled lists imho.

In that light, it is worth us noting that on this page: http://www.oecd.org/dac/stats/dacandcrscodelists.htm it’s still possible to access an XML version of the lists, albeit this was last updated in June 2015. It may be an idea for this file to actually be removed right now, as it could cause people significant confusion…