[On Hold] Add SDG goals and targets to the TagVocabulary codelist

(Matt Geddes) #21

I am also very much in favour of adding SDGs to the Tags element as soon as possible (based on the rule/presumption that SDG data should/does not include percentages and therefore should be a tag), as far as I see it, the holdups are:

  1. This change needs combining with the removal of SDGs from the sector codes - as with SDGs in two (3 including results) places, it will be near impossible for non-technical users to compare the support given to a particular SDG goal by e.g. UNICEF or UNDP (who currently use the SDG sector vocab), and a publisher using the SDG tags, without which, the whole effort becomes substantially less useful.
  2. We need to establish who is responsible for contacting those publishers that currently (correctly) use the SDG sector vocab to help them transition to SDG tags instead. For some e.g. UNICEF this should be easy as they currently also report sector data using DAC5 sector codes, and their own ‘99’ vocab.
  3. This needs combining with adding all the SDG codes as an embedded codelist. Otherwise (as far as I am aware) the vast majority of the user facing data use tools (d-portal, the datastore search, OIPA and things built on it, the Development Gateway IATI import tool etc) do not have the capacity to allow users to access IATI data by SDG tag, therefore without this, many of the major benefits are lost.

(Bill Anderson) #22

This is not a new issue - see Sida paper from 2017 TAG

  • Reporting and aligning the SDG targets to ODA contributions is a necessity for the international donor community, which needs to be implemented internationally.
  • The reporting should be done according to the first method, distributing 100% of the disbursement on the identified SDG targets. The method answers to the question on how much ODA that goes to a particular SDG target. The method was preferred by the program officers in the pilot and allows for presenting the SDG statistics in an illustrative and at the same time straightforward manner.

(Yohanna Loucheur) #23

You may disagree with the decision made at WP-STAT, but after consideration of the SIDA pilot and other input, that is where they landed.

If there is no agreement to reflect this new part of the CRS standard in the IATI standard, I guess we’ll simply all have to use a 99 vocabulary.