Organisation playing different roles - what to publish?

(Anna Petruccelli) #1

Hi All,

I’m writing to ask for an advice on how to publish an activity - the difficulty is the ActionAid UK (AAUK) is playing different roles along the delivery chain and therefore I’m not sure what to publish.

ActionAid Rwanda (AAR) is currently holding an AidDirect contract with DFID (via MannionDaniels) – they have reported the activity to IATI and you can see it on d-portal (

As you will see ActionAid UK (AAUK) is playing a dual role: both implementing and extending as the project is also funded by other income sources raised by AAUK (PPL and Other major donors). I am now preparing to publish AAUK side of the activity but I’m not entirely sure what to do:

  1. Shall I just publish AAUK as accountable/implementer, with AAR as funding org.
  2. Shall I publish AAUK as accountable/implementer, with AAR as funding org, and also AAUK as extending, with PPL and Major Donors as funding and AAR as accountable/implementer

I feel like the second option might cause more confusion than anything as it would be difficult to reconcile the budget, which would only be related to the funds coming in from AAR to AAUK, with the incoming commitments, incoming funds and disbursements, which would also include money coming into AAUK and remitted to AAR. AAUK’s dual role would be represented on the main activity.

Any thoughts/advice/ideas would be much appreciated!


(Amy Silcock) #2

@rbesseling @SJohns would be good to know what you advise in line with the DFID guidance.