Overview Of CSO Working Group

The IATI CSO Working Group was originally created in September 2011 as part of the IATI Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ensure that CSOs’ perspectives were adequately represented. The goals of this newly revitalized working group are to represent CSO perspectives on IATI, to discuss the application of the IATI standard to the work of CSOs, and to present practical proposals on CSO-specific approaches to publication of IATI compatible data.

This group’s focus is specifically on IATI, but its work is guided by the Istanbul Principles (IP) and the International Framework on CSO Development Effectiveness (IF), which are an expression of CSOs’ commitment to transparency and accountability. This group will coordinate closely with other groups working on CSO transparency, particularly around points of complementarity between IATI and other CSO transparency initiatives.


The objectives of the group are as follows:

  1. To increase awareness of IATI among CSOs, not only in terms of
    publication of IATI data but also in terms of the use of this data…
  2. To provide CSOs with up-to-date information on IATI debates and
    developments that are relevant to them.
  3. To establish a feedback channel with IATI that allows CSOs to take
    some ownership of the process, in particular related to CSO issues
    of concern.
  4. To identify and attempt to address challenges faced by CSOs
    implementing IATI, including through the development of guidance
    materials, for example. Given that many other actors are engaged in
    similar efforts, the working group may largely play a coordinating
    role in this area.
  5. To serve as a forum for information exchange for organizations
    encouraging the use of or publishing to IATI.
  6. To contribute to the evolution and development of the IATI standard,
    to ensure it reflects ways of working of CSOs (for those
    publishing), as well as CSO information needs. This could include
    potential extensions to the IATI standard.


The following documents are available below:

  • Working Group Terms of Reference
  • Working Group Announcement (Busan, November 2011)

IATI CSO Working Group TOR - Sept 2013.docx (14.9 KB)

IATI TAG CSO Working Group Announcement (Nov 2011 Busan, Korea).doc (76.5 KB)