Priorities for the TAG community in 2015-16

Following the many and varied discussions in Ottawa, the emerging key priorities for the IATI community over the coming year seem to be:

  • Stimulating and supporting demand for and use of IATI data, particularly in developing countries
  • Enhancing the IATI Standard by adding a Humanitarian extension and further developing the Results element
  • Fulfilling the ‘publish once, use often’ approach - trialling using IATI data for donor reports to the CRS and NGO reporting to donors

Do you agree? Would you like to get involved / lead on some of this work? Tell us!

I am in complete agreement with priority 1 and 2 as I find them very reflective of the discussions and the wish list some of us put across in Ottawa

Hi Joni,

Thanks for providing a brief priority recap following the TAG.

I was unable to attend in person, so my apologies if this question was already discussed. Regarding your second point, “Enhancing the IATI Standard by adding a Humanitarian extension,” what were the main considerations in terms of integrating with the HDX? Would this be a merge of the two standards, or would the leverage each other’s respective areas of expertise?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Christian I work with Joni on the IATI Technical Support team so hopefully I can answer this one for you. The work to add a humanitarian extension to the IATI Standard is currently focused on potentially adding some new data elements to the Standard so that the reporting of emergency funding can be better supported, described and differentiated from other funding that a publisher might provide or receive. This will of course have benefits for data users as well. However, we are also undertaking a wider review that is looking at how the IATI Standard can be aligned with other existing and emerging data standards such as HDX and Open Contracting. More information here -