Process for adding `XI-IATI` codes

Re @YohannaLoucheur’s post here:

^^ this is a good point. Perhaps it already happens, but it’s not explicitly demonstrated.

I gather from the fact the changelog for this codelist links to these very discuss posts, the idea is that IATI discuss is the place for the community to ask these questions. Is that right? If so, @YohannaLoucheur is doing exactly the right thing in asking for more details here.

Clicking through to other discuss posts linked from the changelog (e.g. random example 1; random example 2), the justification for the decision to add these agencies to the codelist is not present. I’m not sure where I would find this information.

As a first step, it would be useful to document the criteria for adding identifiers to the XI-IATI codelist. Presumably this exists somewhere, but I wasn’t able to locate it (e.g. here or here or elsewhere).

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