Publishing from SAP onto Drupal

(Rania Abou Chakra) #1

Hello we are looking for an IATI consultant to assist us in putting in place a technical solution for collecting data coming from SAP and publishing them into Drupal accroding to the IATI standard. Any tips or references would be highly appreciated

(Siem Vaessen) #2

Hi Rania,

We assisted IOM with a SAP export to CSV (very SAP custom install depending btw), but no Drupal import however.

Could you tell us a bit more on the reasoning for importing SAP data into Drupal, what is it you are trying to accomplish? Manage that SAP data in Drupal? Interface it to some front-end?

Curious to learn abt your usecase,

(Rania Abou Chakra) #3

Hello Siem can you give me your contact details? thanks, Rania

(Siem Vaessen) #4

Hi Rania, I have sent you a Linked DM.

(Michelle Levesque) #5

Dear Rania,

I’m around the corner if you want to chat about how we did it.

Kind Regards,