Publishing rich content and pictures in IATI

Has anyone published rich content including pictures in IATI format?

  1. Pictures. How are you including the files - as document-link? What document-category do you use? How are you labelling, captioning?

  2. Rich text context - are you using the multiple description types?


ad 1 yes, see

ad 2 yes, see also a contribution at Tech Paper: Codelist Management

In response to 1.

Its a hack to do it in document-links imo, document-links require at least one DocumentCategory and none of the categories fit pictures.

Saying that, its also the only option where you can validly hack it into IATI a bit without using namespaces (which I’ll never use). We implemented it on since it does enrich the context of the project, especially for their type of projects.

(there’s more on the media tabs).

We used document category A12 (= Activity web page… well its at least shown on the web page!). Labelling + captioning would have to be merged in the title, we did not use it.