Python 2.x Deprecation Notice

(IATI Technical Team) #1

As part of the work planned for this quarter, the Tech Team will be upgrading the programming language used across a number of our tools.

As of 1st January 2020, Python 2.x will no longer be supported globally. To ensure that our tools remain functional and up-to-date, we are commencing upgrades now.

Standard tools affected will be:

As a part of a wider reconfiguration of tools, the following internal tools are being considered for deprecation, and therefore aren’t a priority for upgrade:

The Datastore is currently undergoing a major rebuild using Python 3.x as default, so no action will be taken on the current repository. The new Datastore is being released this quarter.

For developers, the upgrade means that virtual environments must be configured to use Python 3.x and dependencies upgraded. We urge that any contributions use Python 3 complicit code.

Tool documentation will be updated with instructions for using Python 3 virtual environments.

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(Andy Lulham) #2

Hooray for python 3! :tada: This is great – hopefully a good opportunity to make some incremental improvements to some old codebases.

One thing to note: CSV2IATI definitely should not be upgraded to python 3, since it was decommissioned last year. I don’t know about the missing activity checker – I don’t know if that is in use.

(Andy Lulham) #3

I’ve converted IATI Registry Refresher from PHP to python3, in case that’s useful.

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(Francesca Sargent) #4

Andy, that’s great, thank you! We’ll look into the registry refresher.

CSV2IATI definitely should not be upgraded to python 3

This has indeed been decommissioned, however there is potential that some publishers are using this tool. So, for now, we’ve marked this upgrade as a low priority and are keeping it on our radar whilst we scope who might still be using it and consider steps for rounding off the decommission completely.

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