Rationalisation & Consolidation of Categories Available On Discuss

(Wendy Rogers) #1

The IATI Discuss forum has now been in operation for quite some time and as a result there has been a gradual increase in the number of forum categories available to users for the categorizing and grouping of posts. Therefore in order to make things a little easier for forum users we have now rationalized and consolidated the categories that were available into a much smaller number to pick from.

There are now just four main forum categories. They are:

Community Zone (created by merging IATI Helpzone and IATI Talk). This is now the main forum category to be used by any user when making a post. It also has a number of sub categories (that can be added to if required) that can also be used to further classify and group related posts. The current available sub categories are: Agriculture, CSOs , Humanitarian, Sectors, Codelists, Results, (other) IATI Standard, APIs, Traceability, Data Quality and Using IATI Data (formally IATI Applied)

NB the following categories have been deleted and any posts re-catagorised as appropriate: Meta, Aidstream (no posts), Geocoding, Aid/Budget Alignment (no posts), Supporting Partner Countries (no posts), Working Groups

Consultations - The IATI Technical Team will post any notices here where comment and input from the wider IATI coummity is required

Notifications - The IATI Technical Team will post any information which relates to any IATI issues/change/update etc. that the wider IATI community should be aware of

Events - Anyone can post information here about any event taking place that may be of interest to the IATI community

We therefore hope this change makes things easier for forum users but as ever we would always welcome any feedback, suggestions for improvement etc.