ReportAid - a blockchain port of IATI

ReportAid is a prototype blockchain-based port of the IATI standard that I developed as part of my PhD at the University of Sussex.

ReportAid is alpha open-source software, but I have a few ideas about how to develop it further, such as:

  • Complete the port to the blockchain of the IATA XML.
  • The app’ currently outputs text. But how about developing a RESTful API that presents the IATI data on the blockchain in XML and/or JSON?
  • The current interface needs significant improvement and would benefit from the input of a UX Designer
  • Mobile app’ for querying the data?

There will be many other ideas, too - I’d be interested in hearing thoughts!

Meanwhile, I have just registered for European Commission’s #EUvsVirus Hackathon, and posted this on their c22-introduce-yourself slack channel:

Hello everyone - this is a fantastic idea, and I’m pleased to get involved.

I’m a developer who has just completed a PhD focused on blockchain technologies at the University of Sussex.

For the Hackathon, I was imagining developing my application ReportAid, which is a blockchain port of the International Aid Transparency Initiative, as it could be a useful tool for documenting humanitarian efforts aimed at fighting COVID-19.

ReportAid is alpha software. However, I have a few ideas about how to develop it further, and I’d be interested in hearing other ideas, too. If you’re interested in helping develop some ideas for ReportAid during the Hackathon, please reach out.

And if nothing comes of ReportAid here, I’d be interested in helping out on other initiatives needing software development skills.

I’d be interested in getting some help to develop the app’ whenever, but would anyone like to join me on the Hackathon to help me to develop some ideas for ReportAid there? I’d like that, very much.

Many thanks.

Dr Steve Huckle


Hi Steven,

For a non technical user - is this putting existing IATI into a blockchain format i.e. different way everyone can access the raw data, or suggesting that using blockchain features would bring advantages to handling IATI issues e.g. traceability?



Hi Matt,

The ambition is both to provide an alternative and to add advantages. However, ReportAid, in its current form as a proof-of-concept, attempts to demonstrate the latter, primarily. Indeed, I am writing an academic paper where I talk about ReportAid adding Trust to the 3Ts of transparency (traceability, totality and timeliness), and I believe that is a significant advantage.