Request use of @narrative when using 'non-embedded - external' codelists

(Matt Geddes) #1

There is no API access to code-lists classified as non-embedded - external’ e.g. the IASC Humanitarian Clusters which makes it very difficult to get meaningful (for humans) information on activities/transactions coded using these vocabularies.

The proposal is for cases when a non-embedded - external code-list is used, to request/require the user to add the @narrative element (as is currently done for 98/99 vocabularies) to give a some text reflecting the code.

The alternative is that all data users/systems maintain their own copies of all non-embedded - external code-lists, this is unreliable in many contexts.

It is also highly inefficient compared to IATI maintaining these code-lists centrally, i.e. moving commonly used code-lists into the maintained category (and therefore available via the API) which is the other alternative.

See discussion here and the guidance on sector @narrative here.

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(Yohanna Loucheur) #2

I recognize that this can be an issue for data users.

However, I must note for the record that Canada would oppose requesting or requiring the use of @narrative for codelists, embedded or otherwise.

We would like to encourage the @IATI-techteam and community to explore other solutions to this issue.