Revised specification for the IATI datastore

(Bill Anderson) #1

My apologies for the delay in resolving the edit on our consultation document.

Herewith a draft specification and associated user stories.

If there are no major objections this will be progressed next week into a procurement process managed by UNOPS. Clarifications, qualifications and revisions requested by bidders will be considered during this process.

(Yohanna Loucheur) #2

Thank you Bill.

In the User Stories, it’s an interesting idea to be able to see how many queries have used the data. This is listed as a publisher need, but I assume the info would be accessible to all?

My only major concern relates to the Analyst use case: “Run queries on a range of filters” should specify that the range of filters should be all the elements in the IATI standard. This should be reflected in the specification (comment provided in the document).

(Bill Anderson) #3

Thanks Yohanna

Yes. Will clarify

Agree and will accept