Rome - accommodation

(John Adams) #1

Has anyone made any accommodation plans for the MA in Rome? Where would you recommend staying?

(Reid Porter) #2

@stevieflow recommended the San Lorenz district, b/c it’s away from tourists and has good pizza. Can’t think of two better success criteria! Bit of a hike from IFAD but SF says the transport is good.

Open Ag team usually does co-located AirBnB’s but I’m not sure any of us have put an initial flag in the ground for others to rally around. Be a first mover and many will follow…

(Yohanna Loucheur) #3

We’ll use one of the recommended hotels near IFAD for the MA, but will likely move downtown for TAG Piccolo and beyond, so keep suggestions coming pls.

(rohini.simbodyal) #4

The Secretariat recently emailed members with a list nearby hotels that offer special rates. You need to mention you are attending a meeting at IFAD

(SJohns) #5

Hi, we can’t afford the hotels so I’m looking at the area around Stazione Ostiense (Testaccio district) for accommodation as it’s cheaper and on the transport lines to/from airport (FL1 train) and to/from IFAD (Metro) and FAO (bus) and only 5-15 mins by public transport into some of the sights. Anyone else staying around this area?