Salesforce and IATI

(Daniel Brame) #1

I’ve done some research on this topic, but also wanted to gain community feedback. Has anyone worked with a system based in Salesforce to publish information to the IATI Standard, and if so, what were some of the takeaways, both positive and negative? Thanks.

(Brent Phillips) #2

I know that Salesforce is definitely looking at giving users the ability to publish information to the IATI Standard and that Aid Stream is interested in linking up with Salesforce too. I’ll report back on how things are progressing.

Separately, Microsoft has been working hard on developing an IATI data publishing application via their Dynamics 365 initiative:

Seeing leading tech companies make the connection that the humanitarian community is coalescing around channeling data through IATI and get to work on building IATI applications is win for the whole community.