Salesforce: Force for Change Grant Program - deadline 29 July 2016

(Steven Flower) #1

Colleagues might be interested in this grant program

The Force for Change Grants Program accelerates social impact through catalytic investments in innovative, community-driven technology solutions with potential for cause-wide deployment.

I wonder if this might support the CSO community with a Saleforce managed app to output IATI data, perhaps building on the work of Interaction? Any application must be linked to the SDGs - specifically Goal 4 (Quality Education) and 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth)

Salesforce are asking for the following information:

  1. Describe the scope of the problem you are trying to solve.
  2. Describe your proposed solution.
  3. Describe how your organization will measure the impact of your solution. Please align your measurement strategy
    with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    a. Education: Select a target within Goal 4: Quality Education.
    b. Workforce Development: Select a target within Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.
    c. Labs: Select a target within one of the SDGs other than Goals 4 and 8.
  4. Describe how you would make your solution available to other organizations across your sector or issue area.

Alerting @laia_grino @rbesseling @SJohns , amongst others

(Brent Phillips) #2

Steven, thanks for bringing up Salesforce’s Force for Change Grant Program.

I’m heading a small team of volunteers interested in how IATI can power intelligent crowdfunding applications. We’re based in San Francisco and we’ve been speaking with the Salesforce Foundation about IATI for well over a year. Relative to the Force for Change program it’s mainly geared to support mature showcaseable initiatives. This puts the program out of reach for pilot projects. Salesforce Foundation staff do seem however interested in IATI, and they would be receptive to being approached by the IATI community.

If anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to help interface with them.


(Wendy Rogers) #3

Hi @BrentPhillips thanks for the information and we would be very happy to speak with the Salesforce Foundation about IATI. We just need an initial contact so if they (or you with their permission) could let us have details of the best person to contact by dropping an email to and we can take it from there.

(Steven Flower) #4

@BrentPhillips @Wendy thanks for the messages

Although the deadline for this programme has passed, there may well remain a need for better integration of the standard and systems like Salesforce. I’d also encourage that we have these conversations in public, and/or share information about ongoing discussions, where possible / feasible.

I wonder if this could be a community call / webinar type thing?