Scheduling a regular API WG call

(Steven Flower) #1

Hi All

I’ve no idea if this will work (if it doesn’t, Ill blame @Adrian !) , but it’s worth a go , and might help test/understand a function of the Discourse platform

(It may be far easier to have a plain ole Poll - but bear with me!)

So - to try and schedule a regular API Working Group call, Ill post a few options as responses to this thread. If you can vote on your preferred option we can take it from there. Vote through clicking the heart-shaped icon underneath the relevant post.

The intention would be to start these calls from September. Any call should be one hour, as a maximum.

WG call - 26th September
(Steven Flower) #2

Monthly (First or last Friday)

(Steven Flower) #3

Monthly (First or last Thursday)

(Steven Flower) #4

Monthly (First or last Wednesday)

(Steven Flower) #5

Monthly (First or last Tuesday)

(Adrian Collier) #6

Well, with an overwhelming majority, it seems that Friday is the winning day…

I had intended to pick this up earlier this week, but as I didn’t manage that, I guess it makes sense for us to schedule the first chat on the last Friday of the month.

So the first group call will be Friday 26th September - let’s try this at 10:00 AM GMT.

Current attendee list is:
@bjwebb @stevieflow @JohnAdams @siemvaessen @danmihaila @jonesiom @Adrian

Shout if you’d like to attend and we haven’t yet included you!

(Ben Webb) #7

@Adrian sounds good. Could I just clarify whether you mean 10:00 UTC or 10:00 BST?

(Adrian Collier) #8

Thanks @bjwebb I was thinking of 10:00 BST.

(John Adams) #9

What are the logistics for this morning’s call? Group skype or do you want a conference call number?

(Siem Vaessen) #10

Group Skype works for me. I believe Adrian won’t be joining the call however.

(Steven Flower) #11

Apologies - not been up to speed, as been in 2.01 world for the past weeks.

Shall we set another date and get invites to people, etc?

(John Adams) #12

I’m on another call at the moment, can I join a bit later?

(Siem Vaessen) #13

Is there a call in progress, or are we just talking here for now?

We could reschedule but it took two months to get this call planned…

(John Adams) #14

Let’s do today, definitely

(Siem Vaessen) #15

Ok, I would then propose to move it to 1030 (1130) or later starting at 1330 (1430). I need to leave at 1500(1600) however

(Steven Flower) #16

I dont think there is a call atm. That’s the issue - a date was proposed, but Im not sure people know.

Anyway - let’s do a quick standup at 10.30am anyway. On Skype (Im stevieflow)

(John Adams) #17

1030 good - I’m johnthegeologist

(danmihaila) #18

I can join too, my id is: carcotelul