SDG visualization tools using IATI data?

(Mishiko Seino) #1


We are looking for any type of SDG data visualization (data portals, tools etc.) using IATI data. It would be great to know what other publishers or IATI data users have done or experimenting with. Any information on this?

Also, if this is already in d-portal, can anyone tell me where to find it?

Thank you!

(Matt Geddes) #2

Hi @Misha - there is currently an IATI group working on how to adjust how SDG data fits into the standard (@aparr @WendyThomas would be the people to contact) and so it would be great to hear if you have found anything so far?

I think I asked before and it is not available in D-portal - and this might be linked to the fact that the SDG codes are a third party list and so a core part of the IATI standard/hard for automated systems to use.

As far as I know, SDGs are currently available as part of the sector and the results elements - but I think very few publishers are actually using it - I could only find NLRC using it at as part of their results reporting and ICCO using it as part of their sector reporting - maybe someone else can point out that there is loads I am missing?

Otherwise, any tools would be relying on mapping other types of sector codings to SDGs but that is a lot of work and often not accurate so seems unlikely.

Sorry that is not an answer that gives you what you need - I would be very interested to see what you find as this is going to be a huge use case for many data users going forward and IATI needs to meet it.


(Matt Geddes) #3

Hi, in case useful, I just saw this paper - - I would be exceedingly sceptical of reading much into the results as the methodology is far from ideal but interesting to see some real SDG data and the graphics - and of course note that they used CRS data I guess because of double counting, needing a longer time-frame etc